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Monthly Specials

This March, treat yourself and a loved one to the exclusive dining specials, designed to make every Tuesday, and Wednesday a gourmet adventure.  Also a  perfect completion with our new brunch menu for the week!

Start your week with indulging in the creamy delight of Tuesday's Mont D'or for two, a baked cheese feast that promises warmth and comfort. Elevate your midweek with Wednesday's Steak & Aligot, a luxurious pairing of succulently grilled steak and smooth, stretchy Aligot, blending the best of hearty and comfort cuisines.  A brand new series of our weekend Brunch Menu to complete the week, voilà!

Mont D'or


$398 for 2

Delve into the luxurious creaminess of Mont D'or, a seasonal delight that captures the essence of French alpine cuisine. Baked to perfection, this gooey cheese is a heartwarming treat, served with a selection of accompaniments to enhance its rich, earthy flavors comes with roasted potatoes, great for sharing.

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Steak & Aligot Night


$598 for 2

Among the culinary marvels that have captured food enthusiasts worldwide, the viral French-style "Aligot" featuring cheese pull mashed potatoes has now arrived at Nissa La Bella.


A mesmerizing culinary display, book now to experience this classic French dish prepared with a salivating combination of quality potatoes, butter, and melted Tomme D'Aligot cheese.

New Brunch



Starters feature a tantalizing selection including fresh fish ceviche, Pissaladière, Terrine of the day, and lobster rolls.

 Accompany your dish with your choice of egg selections, amd don't miss the main with steak or fish of the day.  Indulge your sweet tooth with options like French crèpes, chocolate cake, or a delightful cheese plate.


Complete your experience with tea or coffee, and why not add on 2 hours of free flow?

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